What do burglars think of security?

Research shows that there are several deterrents that discourage a burglar from entering a property. We found the top reasons for this to be:

  • They believe that people are in the property at the time.
  • Driveways with gravel; it can be loud especially during the night.
  • Having a dog. They are loud and the trespasser does not want to get hurt.
  • Secured doors and locks, light sensors and cameras.
  • An alarm system that is monitored.
What do burglars think of security?
What is left behind?

What is Left Behind?

Everyone has items that are irreplaceable and precious in different ways.

However, it isn’t just losing possessions that has the biggest impact after a burglary. Have you ever considered the emotional impact of a stranger with bad intentions invading your personal space? A burglary can be very hard to handle and some people find it is difficult to forget.