Bells-only systems vs. Monitored systems

Bells-only systems

Cross Largely ignored

Cross Only allowed to sound for 8 minutes due to noise pollution regulations

Cross No response: it is just a very expensive bell

Bells-only systems are everywhere. They make a loud noise and the bell box on your house can act as a deterrent to burglars. However, the fact is that most people now have a bells-only alarm on their house and burglaries still occur.

Most people will admit that, when they hear an alarm ringing, it is not only a nuisance but also something they ignore. We should ask ourselves, if a house alarm ringing is a nuisance and is just something people generally ignore, is that alarm really protecting your home or your family? The worrying fact is that many people with a bells-only alarm think that they are protected.

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Monitored systems

TickYour home is always protected, even when you're not there

TickYour keyholders are advised in real time and the appropriate measures are taken

TickThe biggest deterrent to a burglar

Monitored systems on the other hand, allow you to be 100% sure that if your alarm were to go off, a monitoring station would know about it before you do! It receives signals and responds rapidly - contacting you and your key holders until they can be certain that you are safe.

The one thing that everybody that has been burgled has in common is that they thought it would never happen to them. All too often people don’t actively look to secure their home but instead wait until it’s too late when they have already been burgled. Don’t become a statistic!