Alarms activation protocol

Alarm activation flow chart

In the case of a burglary:
  • All keyholders will be contacted and advised in real time.
  • Whichever keyholder is reached first contacts the police and informs them that their monitored system has been activated, which provokes a much more positive response from the police as there is a higher chance of catching the burglar.
  • The police send round a team to apprehend the burglar.
In the case of a fire:
  • The 'toast-tolerant' monitored smoke detector detects smoke. This information is instantly received by the monitoring station.
  • The monitoring station contacts first keyholder to make sure it is not an accidental activation. 
  • The fire brigade are sent round.

We provide total peace of mind; you know that if your property were to be broken into then it will not be ignored. One of our monitoring centre experts will handle the activation and ensure that it is dealt with immediately.

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